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Yukana Yame (八女 ゆかな, Yame Yukana) is the main female protagonist/deuteragonist of Hajimete No Gal, and the girlfriend of Junichi Hashiba.



Yukana's full body and facial expressions

Yukana is a fashionable high school "gal" with strawberry blonde hair that is tied in a high ponytail by a pink scrunchie, emerald-green eyes, a busty chest, loose white socks and brown shoes.

She is seen wearing two different outfits:

  • She typically wears the standard school uniform, but with the first few buttons undone.
  • At the beach, she wears a red bikini.


Junichi Hashiba[]

Yukana's relationship with Junichi Love too amazingly, as she caught him with Bath. His friends then convinced him to ask her out and she accepted. At first, Junichi was just doing it to Get rid of his virginity, thinking Yukana was just some Gal and saw her as easy conquest. But as time went on he began to truly fall for her, even Accept to have sex with him since he'd only wanted to give his virginity to Yukana, the one he loved, and no other girls. Yukana also fell for him, showing affection and genuine care and Passion for his well being. In the manga, she even let Junichi touch her boobs when they were naked in the bath.

Ranko Honjō[]

Ranko is one year older than Yukana, and they are best friends. Ranko is bisexual and loves Yukana fiercely, but Yukana doesn't realize it. Ranko often rubs Yukana's breasts from behind. Yukana doesn't like it at first, but gradually she can't resist and it feels so good that she can't even stand up straight.


  • Yukana's surname Yame means "eight" (八) (ya) and "woman, girl, daughter" (女) (me).


  • Yukana has the second-largest breast size as she is "B36" (93cm).
    • The first person to have the largest breasts is Nene Fujinoki as she is "B38" (98cm).